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Justin LaRosa.

I absolutley love this.

Letterpress Gig Posters | Blog con Queso.


some amazing letterpress concert posters here, some of them make me swoon… 






Every Little Helps: 1903 | Shorpy Historic Photo Archive


Tesco should be sued for breach of trademark!

Cloudy Collection.


I just love the idea of this…a collection of images inspired by neighbourhood characters. Every area should have this…






The Composing Room Stores – Printing Supplies from the Happy Dragons’ Press.

I got a wonderful goody bag from the Happy Dragons Press as an early christmas present to myself. The ‘blanket’ has been a revelation and its taken a lot of the guesswork out of the tympan packing for me and has led to much crisper (and deeper) impressions. I highly recommend them if you are looking for supplies particularly for the Adana.